Judge/Spectator Info

ACT General Schedule of Events

Heat Schedule for Alamo City Throwdown


JUDGES SITE – (Click here if you are a judge!)

We need judges and volunteers to help with the event.

People helping will receive a t-shirt and a meal if they judge all day. They (obviously) will also not have to pay the entrance fee to get in.

Basic requirements to judge:

– The ability to start and stop a stopwatch correctly.
– The ability to keep count and perform simple math with loud, bass-thumping dubstep blaring in the background.
– The ability to add up weights on the barbell correctly.
– The ability to loudly to verbalize what the athlete needs to do to correct their movement.
– Committment to uphold the standards of the movements even if you are no-repping a team to death.
– Experience in CrossFit for at least 6 months is desired but not mandatory.
– L1 Coaches would be awesome as well.

For those interested, please let us know via commenting on this site, our FB Page, or our Twitter Page.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlamoCityThrowdown

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ACThrowdown

If you would like to email questions or comments, please feel free to email chris@templestrength.com


All Spectators over the age of 13 will be charged $8.00 pre-sale for entry into the event up until October 1st. It will then go up to $10.00. The cost at the door will be $15.00 (cash only). All of the proceeds of the entry fee will be donated to Young Life!

Please visit www.alamocitythrowdown.eventbrite.com to purchase spectator tickets. We will have a check in list once you get there and you will receive a wristband once you are checked off the payment list.

Address of the Throwdown is 10813 Nacogdoches Rd 78217 San Antonio, TX 78217

Please do not bring glass bottles or containers for safety reasons.


Spectators may park in the Nacogdoches Business Park parking lot on Nacogdoches and Hillpoint Dr.


If there is no room there, please proceed up Hillpoint Drive and park along the street on either side.

Hillpoint Drive


There are a few businesses on either side of Hillpoint Drive. We are currently in the process of obtaining permission to park in their lots.


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