Team Highlight: Roachie and The Revolution

Once cool thing about the Alamo City Throwdow is that many of our teams have husbands and wives competing together.

Here is a Scaled team, Roachie and the Revolution after one of their practice sessions. They hail from River City CrossFit, the host gym of the Throwdown. Rochelle and Bryan Cortes are an incredible couple that have made health their priority and are competing next month in the Alamo City Throwdown!


Team Roachie and the Revolution:

Bryan Cortes, Neil McMillan, Justin Richter, Rochelle Cortes, Kelley Cunningham, and Gloria Belcher

Team Spotlight: “Cougar Express”

Okay, I am calling it…

This team, comprised of all Masters athletes, will beat at least 10 of the scaled teams come October 26th.

Yes, I said 10 of the teams.

Do not forget these faces because they will be smashing the Alamo City Throwdown workouts. And odds are, they will be ahead of 10 of you at the end of the day.

So here’s my challenge:

Any team that doesn’t beat the Cougar Express owes the rest of us 40 burpees at the end of the day.¬†

I would be scurred if I were you…

Cougar ExpressTop Row, L to R: Sonny, Matt, and Paul

Bottom Row: Karen, Shannon, and Marianna