The final numbers are in and we raised over $4,000 for YoungLife!

Yes, I said $4,000! Many people may not remember that we were raising money for YoungLife so I wanted to make sure everyone knew that they helped contribute to a great organization!

Trinity Competitions is so grateful to be able to give to this wonderful ministry and we know that the money will be used for so much good!

I want to thank everyone for making the Alamo City Throwdown go over so well this past weekend! We had our share of bumps in the road and will be making adjustments to our systems so that the next competition is even better. We thank you all for your patience and understanding if you experienced any discrepancies and welcome feedback HERE!

Words cannot adequately describe how humbled I am to have witnessed so much effort from so many people:

  • To God for making this dream a reality!
  • To my wife for supporting, praying for, and constantly encouraging me during the process.
  • To my mom for filling all the athlete bags and being such a clutch supporter
  • To my Head Judge and owner of River City CrossFit, Eric Villarreal for doing way more than I asked him to!
  • To my Director of Competition, Kenny Thompson for overseeing the logistics of the competition like a BOSS.
  • To my Director of Scoring, Sabrina Polanco for overseeing all of the scoring throughout the day.
  • To Brian Pina, for coming in the day before the competition and literally saving the day!
  • To all my judges and volunteers for working their tails off to serve the athletes.
  • To our sponsors for making this event such a great experience.
  • To Adam Leija with YoungLife for becoming a volunteer without me asking!
  • To all the athletes who signed up and competed like champs!
  • To the spectators who came out and cheered on their fellow competitors.

All photos will be posted on www.trinitycompetitions.com in the next few days!

Register for Duality, our two person competition on December 7th! We will be moving all content to our new website from here on out!



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