Final Post before Gameday!

The day is almost upon us! Here are some final announcements for you all!

  • ATHLETES: Registration is TODAY from 4-7 pm running every 30 minutes. All local teams MUST check in today. If one or more of your athletes does not check in today, they must check in tomorrow NLT 0700. This means that they need to be on site ready to roll at 0650. If they are not present for the final check in, they may not compete. Please tell your fellow teammates this!!! Registration is at River City CrossFit and you may park in the front parking lot for registration today.
  • OUT OF TOWN TEAMS: If you are not registering tonight, please be on site tomorrow ready to roll NLT 0700. Again, this means you are actually on site 10 minutes early. If you do not make this, you may not compete.
  • TEAM TENT SETUP: The area to set up tents is large and will be first come first served. If you want to set up early, be our guest! The area will fill up quickly.
  • PLEASE PREPARE FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER: Bring an umbrella, wet weather gear, a couple pairs of shoes, socks, etc. in case it rains. We also implore you to pray your little hearts out for great weather.
  • PARKING: All athletes and spectators will park across the street at Lady Bird Johnson Park. You will then walk across the street to the gym. The front lot of the gym will be reserved for vendors and staff. *If you park in a private business that we have not arranged for parking OR you park along the street the wrong way or too far from the curb, you may get a ticket or get towed.
  • Spectator Tickets: If you have not purchase a ticket, they will be available for sale at the door for $15.00 cash or credit.
  • Volunteers: Please check in tomorrow NLT 0645, especially if you are a volunteer who contacted me this week or have not contacted me at all. You will check in at the same location as the athlete check in.
  • SCORING: We will have live (with a possible 10-15 minute delay) scoring for the Throwdown located HERE! Please save this in your interweb favorites.
  • Throwdown T-Shirts: We will be taking orders for t-shirts and mailing them off within 7-10 days to you! Please let us know you would like to buy one and we will get your information and take payment on site! T-shirts are $25 including shipping within the CONUS.
  • If you email or text me today, chances are I will not email or text you back. We are extremely busy setting up all day today! If you want to come out to the gym and stop by to help or say hi, we would love to see you!

Compete Courageously,



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