Sponsor Highlight: FitAid

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Tell us about you and your company!

Functional Distributors / Parallel BevCo are the Exclusive Master Distributors of All LifeAID Beverage Products in TX. Each of LifeAID Beverage Co’s current and future synergy offerings, while custom formulated, will share some important characteristics. Each is: 100% natural, doctor developed, only 45 calories, sweetened with organic blue agave and fortified with ingredients that are included in quantities effective in providing the targeted benefits. LifeAID is committed to producing products with no artificial colors or sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, no sodium and no aspartame.
How long have you been in business?

Now entering our third year!

Why did you start your company?  

We understand that today’s educated consumer demands more than aging, traditional, often unhealthy beverages are able to deliver. Energy drinks, sports drinks and other so called functional beverages have a “one size fits all” philosophy. Taking a very different approach, each LifeAID synergy blend contains its own custom formulation of vitamins, supplements, herbs and other ingredients uniquely designed to enhance the particular activity for which it is targeted. LifeAID Beverage Co’s first three synergy products are PartyAID, FitAID and GolferAID. Each has its own unique formula and taste, because each was designed for maximum benefit to consumers involved in activities of a very different nature. Providing a healthy alternative to the supposedly healthy products floating around… Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease account for more deaths than guns, smoking and drug abuse combined. We are simply doing our part to help change that.
What is your favorite thing about what you do? – Since our drinks are the first of the kind, it is just absolutely wonderful bringing something to the world that actually helps…
What is your favorite CrossFit workout?

Burpies BABY!!!!
Anything else you want to tell the athletes of the Alamo City Throwdown?


FitAID was designed around CrossFit!!!!!!  Drink It!!!! Love It!!!! Live It!!!!!!!!!

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