Team Heats and “Individual Workout” Information Announced!!!


Beloved Athletes, here are your Heat Assignments!


These Heat Assignments are for the first 2 workouts. The order for the 3rd workout will be determined based on order of placement at the time.

Here is the order of events for the three team workouts:

Heat Schedule for Alamo City Throwdown

*Schedule may vary by a few minutes.

Okay, so back to business. Here is the rub on the “Individual Workouts”:

There will be 3 Individual Workouts that will be completed BETWEEN 8:30am-10:10am. EVERYONE will either do their individual workout ONE HOUR BEFORE OR AFTER Workout #1.

How this will work…

Each Male athlete will be labeled A, B, or C. Each Female athlete will also be labeled A, B, or C. We will have you labeled before you get there, do not worry!

The two “A” athletes will complete workout A, the two “B” athletes will complete workout B, and the two “C” athletes will complete workout “C”.

Each of the workouts is only 2 minutes in length and will be done as an AMRAP. All individual reps will be added up and scored as one team score.

The workouts will not be announced until the morning of the competition. We will announce the three workouts and then RANDOMLY draw for which one is A, B, and C. If you are athlete A, you must complete workout A. Athlete B does workout B and so on…

The Individual Workout Schedule is posted here: INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT ACT

You will find your team from the Heat Assignments and then determine when you are completing the Individual Workout. Your entire team will complete it at the same time.

It is only 2 minutes! Give it all you have because every rep counts!!!

You will find out what the movements are the morning of. This is the unknown element of CrossFit.

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