Duality Registration Instructions


Okay folks, TODAY is the big day for registration. Please note the following steps for satisfactory registration:

STEP 1: Please make sure both teammates meet the requirements for the division you are signing up for! You can read them here——> Duality Athlete Requirements. If you sign up for the wrong division, you may not be able to compete if the division you intended to sign up for is full. You will receive a refund minus a $25 fee. If the division you wanted to sign up for is not full, you may be transferred to that division and MAY PAY a $50.00 fee. (please note that I am doing this to avoid a team signing up and paying for a division that is not full in order to secure a spot and hope to transfer. If you sign up for a division and realize you cannot complete the requirements, you run the risk of not being able to transfer to a different division and lose your registration fee.)

STEP 2: Register and pay for your team at www.duality.eventbrite.com

STEP 3: Fill out the Duality Team Roster Form and send it to chris@trinitycompetitions.com within 7 Days!

Once you are registered and send in the proper form, please check out www.trinitycompetitions.com for more information!

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