“Duality”: A 2 Person Team Competition Coming in December!!!

Trinity Competitions is bringing you all another great team competition on Saturday, December 7th. This time, we will be giving you the option to team up with one partner and get after it in 3 team workouts and 1 individual workout per athlete.

The twist here is your team can win money for EACH WORKOUT and have a chance to double your money if you and your partner win ALL workouts in a clean sweep!

Registration is October 1st at Noon CST. You can register HERE !!!! We are working on the new website, www.trinitycompetitions.com and it should be up and running by the end of the month. This site will serve as the main site for all of our competitions and host all videos, photos, results, information, etc. Please sign up to receive an email when the site goes live.


Duality is a two person fitness competition held on Saturday, December 7th in San Antonio, TX. 

 Teams can be divided into M/M, F/F, and M/F teams with the following divisions:

  • Super Scaled (for the CrossFitter with 6 months or less experience)
  • Scaled
  • Masters
  • Rx

All athletes will compete in 4 workouts. Teams will compete in 3 team workouts and 1 individual workout with the exception of the “Super Scaled” Division, which will compete in 3. The individual workouts will go toward the team score.

Prize money will be awarded to the winners of each Rx gender division for each workout. If an Rx team wins *all workouts, their prize money will be doubled!

5 Chances to Win Rx Prize Money!!!

  • $200/team for each workout in each Rx Division
  • Total of 3 Team workouts and 1 Individual Workout for each teammate
  • $75 to the individual who wins the individual workout among each division
  • $100 per workout to the top Male and Top Female for ALL Rx athletes
  • 5 total workouts to win money
  • Overall Winner of each Rx Division receives $300!
  • *If an Rx Team wins all of their workouts in their division, their money will DOUBLE to a total of $1,500.00 (They must win the 3 team workouts plus the 2 individual workouts in their division)

Email chris@templestrength.com with any questions!!!


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