Judges and Volunteers Needed!

We would be honored to have you help us either judge or volunteer for the Alamo City Throwdown!

If you are interested, please email chris@templestrength.com and let him know!

For judging or volunteering the entire day of the event, you will receive:

  • Coffee and lots of it
  • One awesome meal if you stay all day!
  • A really cool judges t-shirt
  • A chance to make new Facebook Friends that you may never see in person again
  • 15% off any future Trinity Competitions event we put on if you decide to compete!
  • A chance to “No-Rep” random people
  • An increase in self confidence, and for men a possible boost in testosterone levels. (This is not guaranteed)
  • And finally, the many lasting memories of being part of a great event.

This entire package comes to roughly $278.50 but I am GIVING IT AWAY to the volunteers! Yes, I know, I am a generous man. You are welcome.

But seriously, let me know if you want to help out! We need YOU!!!! (or your friend who hasn’t bought a ticket and wants to get in for free)


No rep



2 thoughts on “Judges and Volunteers Needed!

  1. Hey Chris,
    We would like to help you out with some judges if you could help us out with some judges for our event. We have a comp on Sep 21 and could really use some help. If you can help us out that would be awesome and we can send some judges your way too. Let me know if we can work something out. Thanks

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