Duality Registration Instructions


Okay folks, TODAY is the big day for registration. Please note the following steps for satisfactory registration:

STEP 1: Please make sure both teammates meet the requirements for the division you are signing up for! You can read them here——> Duality Athlete Requirements. If you sign up for the wrong division, you may not be able to compete if the division you intended to sign up for is full. You will receive a refund minus a $25 fee. If the division you wanted to sign up for is not full, you may be transferred to that division and MAY PAY a $50.00 fee. (please note that I am doing this to avoid a team signing up and paying for a division that is not full in order to secure a spot and hope to transfer. If you sign up for a division and realize you cannot complete the requirements, you run the risk of not being able to transfer to a different division and lose your registration fee.)

STEP 2: Register and pay for your team at www.duality.eventbrite.com

STEP 3: Fill out the Duality Team Roster Form and send it to chris@trinitycompetitions.com within 7 Days!

Once you are registered and send in the proper form, please check out www.trinitycompetitions.com for more information!

A Few Announcements!

  • If you are interested in competing in our Dec 7th competition, Duality (2 Person Competition), Registration goes live on October 1st at Noon CST. Register HERE!
  • Our new website, Trinity Competitions goes live this weekend!!!! This new site will host all information for future competitions. We are excited about bringing more competitions to you in 2014!

Have a blessed day, people! The Throwdown is only 33 days away!!!


Team Highlight: Roachie and The Revolution

Once cool thing about the Alamo City Throwdow is that many of our teams have husbands and wives competing together.

Here is a Scaled team, Roachie and the Revolution after one of their practice sessions. They hail from River City CrossFit, the host gym of the Throwdown. Rochelle and Bryan Cortes are an incredible couple that have made health their priority and are competing next month in the Alamo City Throwdown!


Team Roachie and the Revolution:

Bryan Cortes, Neil McMillan, Justin Richter, Rochelle Cortes, Kelley Cunningham, and Gloria Belcher

“Duality”: A 2 Person Team Competition Coming in December!!!

Trinity Competitions is bringing you all another great team competition on Saturday, December 7th. This time, we will be giving you the option to team up with one partner and get after it in 3 team workouts and 1 individual workout per athlete.

The twist here is your team can win money for EACH WORKOUT and have a chance to double your money if you and your partner win ALL workouts in a clean sweep!

Registration is October 1st at Noon CST. You can register HERE !!!! We are working on the new website, www.trinitycompetitions.com and it should be up and running by the end of the month. This site will serve as the main site for all of our competitions and host all videos, photos, results, information, etc. Please sign up to receive an email when the site goes live.


Duality is a two person fitness competition held on Saturday, December 7th in San Antonio, TX. 

 Teams can be divided into M/M, F/F, and M/F teams with the following divisions:

  • Super Scaled (for the CrossFitter with 6 months or less experience)
  • Scaled
  • Masters
  • Rx

All athletes will compete in 4 workouts. Teams will compete in 3 team workouts and 1 individual workout with the exception of the “Super Scaled” Division, which will compete in 3. The individual workouts will go toward the team score.

Prize money will be awarded to the winners of each Rx gender division for each workout. If an Rx team wins *all workouts, their prize money will be doubled!

5 Chances to Win Rx Prize Money!!!

  • $200/team for each workout in each Rx Division
  • Total of 3 Team workouts and 1 Individual Workout for each teammate
  • $75 to the individual who wins the individual workout among each division
  • $100 per workout to the top Male and Top Female for ALL Rx athletes
  • 5 total workouts to win money
  • Overall Winner of each Rx Division receives $300!
  • *If an Rx Team wins all of their workouts in their division, their money will DOUBLE to a total of $1,500.00 (They must win the 3 team workouts plus the 2 individual workouts in their division)

Email chris@templestrength.com with any questions!!!


Judges and Volunteers Needed!

We would be honored to have you help us either judge or volunteer for the Alamo City Throwdown!

If you are interested, please email chris@templestrength.com and let him know!

For judging or volunteering the entire day of the event, you will receive:

  • Coffee and lots of it
  • One awesome meal if you stay all day!
  • A really cool judges t-shirt
  • A chance to make new Facebook Friends that you may never see in person again
  • 15% off any future Trinity Competitions event we put on if you decide to compete!
  • A chance to “No-Rep” random people
  • An increase in self confidence, and for men a possible boost in testosterone levels. (This is not guaranteed)
  • And finally, the many lasting memories of being part of a great event.

This entire package comes to roughly $278.50 but I am GIVING IT AWAY to the volunteers! Yes, I know, I am a generous man. You are welcome.

But seriously, let me know if you want to help out! We need YOU!!!! (or your friend who hasn’t bought a ticket and wants to get in for free)


No rep



Team Spotlight: “Cougar Express”

Okay, I am calling it…

This team, comprised of all Masters athletes, will beat at least 10 of the scaled teams come October 26th.

Yes, I said 10 of the teams.

Do not forget these faces because they will be smashing the Alamo City Throwdown workouts. And odds are, they will be ahead of 10 of you at the end of the day.

So here’s my challenge:

Any team that doesn’t beat the Cougar Express owes the rest of us 40 burpees at the end of the day. 

I would be scurred if I were you…

Cougar ExpressTop Row, L to R: Sonny, Matt, and Paul

Bottom Row: Karen, Shannon, and Marianna