Featured Scaled Team: #repsforjesus

Featured Team: #repsforjesus

Division: Scaled

Box(es): River City CrossFit, Body Armor, CrossFit City Limits

Female Athletes:

Micaeli Smith, Ryba Pawlaczyk, and Heather Harper

Male Athletes:

Carlos Mendez, Mitchell Patterson, David George

Looks like #repsforjesus is putting in some work!

Send me the videos of you all putting in work and I will post them!

Workout #1: “The Ladders”

We released it early for you guys! Thanks for following us on FB and Twitter!!!

We had a lot of fun making this…

Description of the workout:

Rx and Scaled

The Ladders is a 2-Part Workout with both parts being scored as two different events.

PART I (10 mins):

The teams will be divided up among men and women. The men will tackle a Stationary Snatch Ladder with a minimum (Rx)weight of 155lbs and (Scaled) 115lbs to start. The men may choose to go heavier BUT ALL THREE men must start at that weight. Each man must complete the Snatch in order to progress up the ladder. Progressions up the ladder are done in 10lb increments.

At any point, a team can decide to leave a teammate behind if he cannot complete the lift. The remaining two or one athlete will keep going up the ladder until he is unable to execute the lift or time runs out. There are no maximum number of attempts for each lift. Just go until you complete the lift or times runs out.

The women will perform a Clean and Jerk Ladder starting at (Rx) 125lbs and (Scaled) 95lbs but the progressions up the ladder will be made in 5 lb increments. All the same rules apply.

The total team score is each individual athletes last completed lift added together.

Clips must be used on each lift.

Power Snatch and Power Cleans are acceptable.

Athletes can press out but the barbell cannot touch the athletes head. (Judging the “press out” is too difficult of a judging standard for volunteer judges) Control of the barbell must be shown and feet must come back together before the judge counts the rep.

Part II: (8 Min)

The teams will divide up into two groups and complete a ladder.

The Rx Movements are Burpee Muscle Ups and 20′ Rope Climbs.

The Scaled Movements are Burpee Pull Ups and KB Snatches @ 53/35

Each athlete must complete 1 rep of each movement, then 2 reps, then 3 reps, and so on. The team cannot keep advancing until each athlete completes their required reps for the movement they are on.

The rings will be set at 90″ for EVERYONE.

The scheme for the multiple Burpee MU’s and Pull Ups are done by completing all the burpees first and THEN the Muscle Ups or Pull Ups. This obviously means that you can string together multiple MU’s and Pull Ups. The top of the burpee is touching the rings or pull up bar

The Pull Ups are “good reps” when the chin passes through the horizontal AND vertical plane of the bar.

KB Snatches must be done alternating arms and the KB must touch the ground each time. Arms must be locked out and control must be shown.

Email me with any questions if I missed something or need to clarify…