3 Days Away!!! (Some announcements too)

We are 3 days away from registration for the Alamo City Throwdown!

A few things we want to cover BEFORE YOU REGISTER:

Please do not sign up for a Rx Team if all of your team members cannot meet the requirements! There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with going scaled so please do not let pride or ego get in the way of you competing.

I have talked to many CrossFitter friends of mine who don’t want to compete if they can’t go Rx. Remember, this is a 6 person team event so not all boxes can put together 6 Rx athletes. And THAT IS OKAY! In my mind, I am a Rx athlete but last year I competed scaled in a competition because I wasn’t 100%. I still had fun and gave it my all and had ZERO SHAME in competing “Scaled”.

We need judges!!! Please let us know if you are interested in judging this event. You do not have to be there all day! All judges will receive a t-shirt and if you judge all day, you will get fed after the event.

– We will have food for spectators and competitors ALL DAY! We are arranging for two food vendors to be there for breakfast and lunch. The food vendors will have great Paleo options and we will sell bottled water and coconut water!

– All competitors will have access to free bottled water and anabolic steroids.

– Competitors will have preferred parking.

– All teams need to register on site the day before the event from 12:00-7:00 pm. They will receive their t-shirts, parking passes, and we will review the standards of movements. Questions will be answered at this time as well.

– Out of town teams are encouraged to come on Friday but if they cannot make it, we will register them early on Saturday morning from 7-7:45am.

– Please encourage your friends who are going to watch the event to purchase tickets sooner rather than later! Tickets are only $8 and we need to know roughly how many people will be there in order to prepare for food requirements, port a potties, etc. Tickets will be $10 in October and $15 at the door. Remember we are giving all ticket sales straight to Young Life, so this is not a money making scheme for us personally. The more people that pay for a spectator ticket early, the better planned the event will be!

– Just kidding about the steroids.

Once you register and pay, you will need to submit your roster within 48 hours. That document can be found on the Registration page of this website. Roster changes can be made up until 2 weeks before the event. (October 12th)

– We will have an awesome DJ, K2-DJ keeping the competition hyped all day as well as Brian Sullivan and crew taking action photos of the event. If you don’t knew these guys, K2-DJ deejayed South Central Regionals and Mr. Sullivan just got done working the Games in Carson. These guys are legit.

This is going to be an epic day.

Please email chris@templestrength.com if you have any questions.

God bless,


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